Two Flags Vodka | Two Flags – One Spirit | October 5, 2023 UPDATES

Production and Brand Development

  • Trademark of new vodka brand, “Two Flags” is registered.
  • We are working on choosing which distillery will produce our vodka and our product
    should be ready within 60 days of signing the contract.
  • Our TWO FLAGS label is registered.
  • Lawyers have finalized the By–Laws and corporation documents.
  • Business plan is completed.
  • Financial projections for 7 years are completed.
  • Final price per bottle will be approved by the Board of Directors and as of today, we
    are looking at pricing our brand under $20 which would be the lowest price amongst
    all premium vodkas.
  • After the first year of operations, our Board of Directors will decide to pay out a
    dividend to all shareholders as soon as the second year; with a nice increase of
    dividends in the third year.
  • Based on financial projections, the smallest investment in the second year should have
    a positive return on investment and continue growing nicely each year.
  • We are planning to pay a 10-20% dividend from company profits to our investors as
    soon as the second year.
  • Final Subscription Agreement is completed.
  • New website is under construction.
  • PowerPoint presentation is completed.

Marketing and Collaborations

  • Two Flags One Spirit has been presented to the Chicago Polish Chamber of
  • Vodka samples from several distilleries have been received, tested, and one has been
    expertly chosen but we are waiting for samples to arrive from Poland and one from
  • By the end of October, all testing of vodka samples should be completed and then we
    will make a final decision on where our vodka will be produced.

Expansion and Revenue Streams

  • Our revenue will be increased by the sale of licensing out our trademark, Two Flags –
    One Spirit.
  • Examples include:
    ○ Production of tequila under the American Mexican flag
    ○ Production of Irish cream and whisky under the American Irish flag
    ○ Production of rum under the American Caribbean/Jamaican flag
    ○ Production and distribution company in Poland to sell our brand – we are
    currently negotiating this opportunity.
  • All our additional revenue streams are not reflected in the current financial exhibits
    and will be added at a later date.
  • We traveled to Poland and met with six distilleries, two of which we have chosen as
    potential candidates for producing Two Flags One Spirit vodka.
  • Bottle and label is being designed in Poland. First drafts and samples will be
    completed by October 31st for our review