Two flags wave proudly over our headquarters in Dallas, Georgia. Old Glory flies highest. The Italian flag just below. These two flags tell a story of family legacy that began in Italy over 100 years ago.

In 1915, Brandon Vallorani's great-grandfather Luigi Vallorani left his home in Italy to start a new life in America, after valiantly fighting in the Italo-Turkish war. Hearing tales that America's streets were paved with gold, he arrived to discover, however, they were not paved with gold — and it was the Italians who did the paving! 

Luigi had a vision for the good life and worked extremely hard to fulfill it and provide for his family. He would eventually open a restaurant and then a grocery store, after saving his pay from the steel mills and coal mines. Sadly, life in America seemed to cut his vision short, with the loss of three infant sons, and his young wife — just 25 years old — died in childbirth. He took his one surviving son, three-year-old Eugenio, and returned home to Italy.

Eugenio (or Big D as we call him) was his grandfather. He spent his childhood in Italy, where Luigi was a successful farmer and village leader. When Eugenio came of age, he was required to join a military youth group with the rest of his peers. One day Luigi grimly watched as his son marched in a parade down the streets of Rome in support of Hitler and Mussolini. Luigi wanted nothing to do with fascism, and that day strode into the US Embassy to prove Eugenio was a United States citizen and get him back to America. At the age of 15, Eugenio sailed across the ocean alone to pick up the American dream where Luigi had left off. Big D learned English, quickly overcame the challenges of being an ethnic minority and embraced American life wholeheartedly. 

In a twist of fate, Big D joined the Army-Airforce during WWII and helped defeat the Axis Powers. He then went on to marry and raise three children, including Ray, who is our loving Pops and also a successful business man. Following in our forefathers' footsteps, Jared and Brandon Vallorani founded in 2017. Our vision is to build a store with products and content that proudly represents our Italian American heritage. 

From Luigi to Big D to Pops, we’ve come from a long line of Vallorani's who have sacrificed a great deal to bring us to this point in history, under these two flags of Italy and America. Each generation has built on the previous generation. They have passed down a legacy of entrepreneurialism, patriotism, work ethic, and Faith. You can learn more about the Vallorani Family in the best-selling book, The Wolves And The Mandolin (ForbesBooks), written by Brandon Vallorani and now available on Amazon and